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Thanks... even with the pain, it's amazing how much better I feel overall already. I have so much more energy, and am not exhausted all the time like I used to be.
Donta knows stuff! all true. No meds, increased energy, more flexibility, definitely more confidence, overall well-being is at an all time high... am I'm not done yet!
It feels good to be sore...
Stopping to catch my breath after climbing one flight of stairs, I knew I needed to improve my fitness level (I'm 42, and I have very, very high cholesterol, controlled by medication and diet). My sister and brother-in-law were exercising with a coach, Donta, and I had seen and heard their positive responses about exercising with him. So, on their endorsement, I started training with Donta. He is passionate about fitness and in-tune with what motivates people to push that extra bit. About four months into training, I discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I were thrilled, and I knew my overall health was even more important. I had to stop taking my cholesterol medication (it's counter-indicated for pregnancy), but continued to train with Donta. He modified my exercises as my pregnancy progressed, keeping me on track with our training schedule. Folks usually focus on weight loss as a benefit to exercise, and while my weight gain during my pregnancy was within the proper range, I was very happy that my cholesterol level (without medication) only increased a few points. Following the birth of my daughter, my healing time was short, which I attribute directly to the months of training. After several months, I re-started training with Donta. Now, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and my strength, flexibility, and energy have increased, allowing me to keep up with my ever curious daughter. This journey has been and continues to be a wonderful and wise investment in my health, future, and me.
At age 69 I started working with Donta as my personal trainer. I have continued totrain with him several times a week. My stamina, balance and strength hascontinued to increase. I LOVE working out with others. They encourage me tocontinue to be my best. Donta has changed my life. Now at age 74 there is nolimit to what I can do.
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 Lindsay Revell Lang Picture - Mixed Martial Fitness in Salisbury, MD
My yoga practice wouldn't exist without you. You're the reason I started and you gave me the courage to try the hard stuff...arm balances, headstands, forearm stands, handstands ... Read more
Lindsay Revell Lang
Ellie Ennis Picture - Mixed Martial Fitness in Salisbury, MD
Great class today. Felt so relaxed all day. I love your yoga class.
Ellie Ennis
Karen Lankford Smith Picture - Mixed Martial Fitness in Salisbury, MD
That was a great workshop. As I start this new school, I'm holding on to my happiness and success with both hands!
Karen Lankford Smith