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Recuperative Routine

- Chest to knees: sit with your legs straight out in front of you. Bring your chest down to your knees, keep your chin up and your back as flat as possible. Hold for 20 secs.
Repeat 3x
- Seated split position: bring your chest to the floor, arms reaching straight ahead.
- Left leg
- Right leg
- Repeat
- Butterfly: place the bottoms of your feet together. Bring your chest down to your toes.
Repeat 3x
- Runners Lunge: lean forward, dropping your back quad to the ground. Do not bring your front knee over the toe. Stretch both sides twice.
- Standing chest to knees "forward fold"
- reach back into "mountain pose" Repeat 3x
- Side bend and hold: Stretch both sides twice.
Download this entire stretching Routine here

Adaptive Tension Routine

-Runners Lunge
-Figure 4 Chest to knees
-Laying Butterfly
-Butterfly Split
-Elevated Butterfly Split
-Half Butterfly Half Straddle Split
-Straddle and hold, no hands
-Side Split hold, using hands
-Straddle, walk hands forward and hold

Strong and Flexible

Use maximum ROM to increase muscle length and strength.
12 Repsx3 Sets
1 Leg Split Lunge
1 Leg Lateral Lunge
1 Leg Deads
Fire Hydrants